We Provide Transportation Solutions for Public & Private Partners

CrossTown Connect TMA is a public-private partnership between the Massachusetts communities of Acton, Boxborough, Concord, Littleton, Maynard, Sudbury, and Westford and businesses located therein. The TMA acts as a formal structure for transportation collaboration focused on reducing traffic congestion and air pollution while increasing mobility and commuting options. CrossTown Connect works with communities to address transportation needs and increase economic growth opportunities; and with employers to provide employees with commuter services that promote a wider range of options for getting to and from work.

Our Mission

  • Create a community consciousness regarding traffic, transportation and related matters among both the residents and the business sector.
  • Provide leadership in combining area resources to maximize mobility within and access to the communities.
  • Coordinate a network of transportation resources to effectively move people.
  • Enhance the area’s economic vitality while minimizing the impact of development.
  • Make the most efficient use of nearby public transportation services.
What is a TMA?

A Transportation Management Association (TMA) is a partnership between businesses, municipalities, residential communities, property developers, and stakeholders. Participants join together to reduce traffic congestion, air pollution, and improve transportation mobility options in a region.

Our Goals
  • Provide first-class customer service
  • Improve economic development
  • Increase employee recruitment & retention
  • Mitigate traffic
  • Pool resources for shared transportation service solutions
  • Broaden accessibility of transit for all
Awards & Achievements
  • Donald Wheeler Award, 495 MetroWest Partnership
  • Janice Hanson Award, Community Health Network Area 15
  • Peter Kirwin Award, Local Officials Human Service Council
  • Community Partnership Award, International City & County Managers Association
  • Governor's Community Compact Cabinet, International City & County Managers Association
  • First in State with Regional Focus, International City & County Managers Association

Meet the TMA Team

Scott Zadakis

Executive TMA Director

Doug Halley

Transportation Coordinator

Nancy Yeo


Cheryl Phoenix

Director of Business Development at TransAction Associates

TMA History

The conversation around taking a collaborative approach to transportation in the Middlesex County region began in 2009 when a group of committed local transportation advocates participated in the Massachusetts Institute for Transportation Coordination. That effort formed a group which grew to include other interested stakeholders, and with support from the Work Without Limits initiative, continued to work on local transportation initiatives. This group set the groundwork for what would eventually become CrossTown Connect.

CrossTown Connect was officially started in 2012 when Governor Patrick’s administration funded a collaboration of Acton, Boxborough, Littleton, Maynard, Stow, and Clock Tower Place through a Community Innovation Challenge Grant. The goal of the project was to work on the regionalization of transportation services, and to put a formal structure in place for future collaboration.

The Patrick Administration developed the Community Innovation Challenge (CIC) grant program in 2012 to encourage and incentivize regionalization. This was based upon the belief that the most crucial and visible interactions between government and citizens occur locally. In three years, the program invested $10.25 million in 74 unique projects that involve 242 municipalities across the Commonwealth.

In 2012, we were awarded $184,575 for the project “Shared Transportation Resources Among Five Municipalities and One Business in the Acton Region”. This first grant established the partnership between Towns of Acton, Boxborough, Littleton, Maynard, and Clock Tower Place, a business in Maynard. This grant allowed the partners to develop a regional transportation system by sharing their individual, limited transportation resources, such as Council on Aging vans. A plan was developed to sustain and continue the program, which resulted in the addition of the communities of Westford and Concord.

In 2013, the group received $60,000 to form a Regional Transportation Management Association. The partners wanted to provide better coordinated transportation services to help commuters going into Boston and Cambridge, reverse commuters coming from the city into the area, suburb to suburb commuters, and local people with daily need trips in the area. CTC also took a major step towards regionalization of community transportation services by consolidating the Acton, Boxborough, Littleton, and Maynard Council on Aging shuttles as well as the Acton MinuteVan Dial-A-Ride and Road Runner services under one Central Dispatch Call Center. For each community, this increased their daily dispatch hours from two to eight, which led to greater efficiency in trips, an increase in ridership and a decrease in cancellations. 

In 2015, all of the member towns of CTC signed Community Compacts with the Baker-Polito Administration for best practices in transportation. One of the goals of the Community Compact was to work to bring LRTA and MART to the table to jointly identify and overcome bureaucratic hurdles and streamline redundant operations to better meet the needs of the partner communities. On April 15, 2016, with the help of MassDOT we achieved that goal. All of the shuttle services in Acton, Boxborough, Littleton and Maynard are now run as one system sharing vehicles between towns. This has brought us another step closer to full regionalization of all assets and services, a project that began in 2014 with the establishment of the Central Dispatch Call Center.