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CrossTown Connect TMA is a true public-private partnership that acts as a formal structure for transportation collaboration focused on reducing traffic congestion and improving air quality while increasing mobility and commuting options. CrossTown Connect works with the following communities to address transportation needs and increase economic growth opportunities. 

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Town of Acton

As a founding member of CrossTown Connect, Acton holds a leadership role in the organization and has been particularly successful in establishing shuttle services including shuttles connecting to the South Acton Commuter Rail Station (the busiest station on the Fitchburg Line).
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Town of Boxborough

A founding member of CrossTown Connect, Boxborough is a rural and largely residential community that nevertheless hosts a cluster of tech companies, housing developments, and a hotel located along Interstate 495. Boxborough focuses COA van service on mobility for seniors and people with disabilities as well as connecting people with employment and services such as healthcare.
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Town of Concord

A popular historical tourism destination with two Commuter Rail stations on the Fitchburg Line, Concord is CrossTown Connect’s second-newest member and seeks to augment local transportation services provided by the COA with additional shuttle and commuter services.
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Town of Littleton

A founding member of CrossTown Connect, Littleton’s COA vans have participated in the Central Dispatch Call Center since its inception. With its logistically attractive location, Littleton hosts a number of manufacturing and industrial businesses as well as technology companies and mixed-use development clustered along I-495.
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Town of Maynard

As a founding member of the CrossTown Connect, Maynard joined its COA vans with the Central Dispatch Call Center shortly afterward. With a small footprint, Maynard has a dense downtown and though it has no Commuter Rail stop of its own, the town boasts close proximity to both the South Acton Station and the West Concord Station on the MBTA Commuter Rail Fitchburg Line.
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Town of Sudbury

As CrossTown Connect’s newest member, Sudbury strives to increase mobility in the town with a particular focus on connecting housing with employment opportunities, shopping destinations, and existing transit routes.
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Town of Westford

Westford joined CrossTown Connect as an economic development strategy soon after the organization was formed. Westford is served by COA van transportation, the Lowell Regional Transit Authority’s #15 bus, and the newly established Littleton-Westford Commuter Rail Shuttle that connects businesses with the Littleton/495 Commuter Rail Station on the Fitchburg Line.
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