CrossTown Connect

A Transportation Management Association

CrossTown Connect operates in the participating communities
of Acton, Boxborough, Concord, Littleton, Maynard, Sudbury, and Westford, Massachusetts to:

* Create a community consciousness regarding traffic, transportation and related matters among both the residents and the business sector;
* Provide leadership in combining area resources to maximize mobility within and access to the communities;
* Coordinate a network of transportation resources to effectively move people;
* Enhance the area’s economic vitality while minimizing the impact of development; and
* Make the most efficient use of nearby public transportation services.
Service Map
What we do

CrossTown Connect offers key programs that improve mobility in the region and works to give members a voice on transportation policies, legislation, and projects. Programs include:

  • Working closely with public agencies and stakeholders
  • Establishing employee transportation networks
  • Advocating for resources and legislation
  • Facilitating “last mile” connections
  • Providing commuter services such as ridematching, an emergency ride home program, and active commuting options
  • Marketing programs to increase participation
  • Working to decrease traffic congestion and improve mobility across the region
  • Facilitating local economic development while minimizing the impacts of that development on the transportation infrastructure
  • Develop local transportation services and programs to meet the needs of members
  • Reduce mobile source emissions to improve air quality and the environment
  • Serve as a conduit between communities and businesses to facilitate compliance with zoning ordinances
Advantages of Participating in a TMA
  • Provides a formal structure for collaboration between businesses, municipalities and stakeholders
  • Encourages participation in sustainable, cost-effective transportation options that reduce dependence on single-occupancy vehicles
  • This is a green initiative that reduces traffic congestion and improves air quality
  • TMA Programs assist employers with their employee recruitment and retention efforts
  • Businesses and municipalities share financial resources and open revenue streams to fund programs and services
  • CrossTown Connect staff implement a workplan established by the Board to achieve the goals of the organization
  • Private dollars are stretched further with public dollars by taking advantage of grant opportunities that are available to the TMA
  • A Central Dispatch Call Center has been created under CrossTown Connect so that any community that would like to participate can have their Council on Aging vehicle trips booked through the Central Dispatcher
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CrossTown Connect
12 Clock Tower Place, Suite 260G
Maynard, MA 01754