Your Location, Only More Accessible

Attract potential new tenants and create a commuter-friendly hotspot with CrossTown Connect TMA. By making it easier and more enjoyable to get around your location you provide improved access to your tenants, employees, and visitors. Green commuting facilitates more available onsite parking, less traffic congestion, and shows your commitment to responsibly developing within the community.

Transportation Options Brings Economic Development

As a member of CrossTown Connect TMA, your tenants gain access to programs and powerful online commuter resources to help them commute in a greener way. Explore our What We Do section to see our green commuting programs and how much a TMA membership can offer your property.

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Attract Tenants

Offering green commuting options through TMA programs and services set you apart from the competition.

Go Green

CrossTown Connect can help your location achieve its environmental goals as part of LEED certification, GHG emissions reductions, or other sustainability initiatives such as the Massachusetts Rideshare Regulation.

Property Liaison

The TMA acts as a conduit between local, state, and federal agencies, and resident commuters for improved access to transportation options.

Shuttle Services

As a TMA member, you are able to partner in our transportation network to get tenants to and from transit hubs and local destinations.

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