Benefits to Your Town

CrossTown Connect has made a huge impact in the communities that are participating in the TMA. CTC has worked to rebrand all the different shuttles in our service area under one umbrella, and through shared dispatching, has saved the towns time and money, and has made each service more efficient. Through the many different grants awarded to the TMA, we’ve been able to pursue transportation improvements across the seven participating communities.

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Traffic Mitigation

By providing accessible green commuting options the benefits are shared by everyone. With less single-occupancy vehicles on the road traffic congestion is reduced and residents are able to get where they want to go. 

Economic Development

TMA programs and services provide the tools and resources needed to reduce the impacts of development in the region by promoting sustainable transportation options.

Show Your Environmental Commitment

When you join the CrossTown Connect, you are supporting an organization that is working to enhance the quality of life in the region.