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    As a member of CrossTown Connect TMA you'll gain access to programs and powerful online commuter resources. Explore our programs below to see just how much a TMA membership can offer you.

We Provide Commuting Solutions

Our programs and services help your commuters reduce the overall expenses associated with getting to and from work. Using survey-gathered data, our programs can help lower commuter stress levels, improve time management/absenteeism issues, assist in recruiting efforts, and decrease transportation-related emission discharge and excess fuel consumption. Each program is tailored to fit with your organization's needs.

Green Commuting Incentives

To encourage long-term behavior change and to form new commuting habits, we offer employees prizes for getting to work by carpool, vanpool, bike, walk, or public transit.

Marketing & Promotion

Programs, incentives, and services work best when commuters know what's available to them. The TMA provides customized marketing and conducts outreach to ensure commuters are able to take full advantage.

Events & Workshops

Often combined with appreciation events and benefits fairs, we organize and conduct onsite commuter events and educational workshops to encourage green commuting options.

Form Carpools

Get matched online with commuters with similar schedules and routes to form carpool groups. Share the cost of commuting and enjoy the ride to work.

Active Commuting

Work out on your way to work. We provide cycling and walking commuter education and route planning so getting started is a breeze.

Public Transportation

Break down barriers to transit commuting and provide easy access to trip planning resources as well as local train and bus schedules.

ERH Program

Emergency Ride Home (ERH) guarantees green commuters free transportation to qualified destinations in an emergency.

Commuter News Resource

Commuters can opt-in to receive our eNewsletter with curated information on the latest program news and local transportation developments.

Implement Pre-Tax Subsidies

Get expert assistance setting up the federal tax benefits program, known as Commuter Choice, for employees to use pre-tax dollars to pay for qualified transportation expenses.

Shuttle Services

Enjoy a ride into work aboard a luxury shuttle vehicle. Equipped with the latest GPS tracking, commuters will also know when the next pickup is.

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Get Private Access to Online Ridematching & Online Commuter Tools

Bay State Commute

State-wide Ridematching Database

Get rewards when you record your walk, bike, telecommute, carpool, vanpool, or transit trips on Bay State Commute.

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Web-Based Commuter Tool

Empowers you to find a “greener” way to commute with cost calculators, trip calendars, route planning, regional ridematching, and more.

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